... After the actual speakerphone and answering machine was invented and patented by a real company, I decided to go to college. At Colgate University, I studied physics and electronics. I played drums in my fraternity's house band, Blue Lunch. It was there that my love of music, both listening and performance blossomed. I transferred to the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami in Florida where I majored in their new program Music Engineering Technology with a minor in electrical engineering. I studied music theory as well as math and electronics. I learned how machines that manipulate, control and create sounds were built and how they functioned. Once finished there, I became a live sound engineer and assistant at Criteria Studios. I moved to New York in 1987 where I played in several different funk and rock bands in New York City. Anybody remember Naked Saints, El Barrio, Sway or Pillow ? At the same time I interned at the Hit Factory and found a job as a staff engineer at the world famous Greene Street Recording studios. It was there I was introduced to Hip Hop and R&B music working with Def Jam records. My first professional recording session was to assist Rod Hui record Chuck D's vocals for "Welcome to the Terrordome." My life changed forever as I worked with the Bomb Squad in the making of Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black Planet." After that I worked with such names as Salt and Peppa, Oran Jones, MC Lyte, Run DMC, Queen Latifah, Beastie Boys  and jazz artists such as Cassandra Wilson and Carlos Ward. Rock and Roll was also happening with bands like Riot, Everlast and Spread Eagle. It was at Greene Street that I met Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Pete and I have continued working together for 30 years now. Once all of the major recording studios closed their doors, I built a studio in the basement of my house in Rockland County and now work primarily as a Mixer for all styles of music. I created my own music label, Perimeter Records and signed my favorite rock band out of NYC - Dogz of Zeus. I continue to record and mix with Pete Rock as well as Rock and Hip Hop artists from across the world.