Jamey Staub has been making records for 35 years. He has experience in many different styles of music, from jazz to hip-hop to rock.  In his work with Pete Rock, Everlast, A Tribe Called Quest, Incubus, Luscious Jackson, Crash Test Dummies, Prince, Jessica Simpson and many others, Jamey blends the street energy and rhythmic drive of hip hop with rock-inspired songcraft and guitars. Best known for his mixing, Jamey is also an experienced producer, programmer, remixer and sound designer, and is very experienced with microphones and analog recording, as well as Logic Audio and Protools. He has written, recorded and mixed a number of movie soundtracks, done sound design for ABC sports and is actively writing songs for many artists. Jamey has recently finished  recording and mixing several albums by Pete Rock, Dogz Of Zeus and songs from global artists like Khymer McGyver and  Mexico City manager Asgard.




A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory Record Jive
A-HA Memorial Beach Record/Mix Warner Bros.
Alice Smith Friends and Lovers Add. Production/Record BBE
A-Z Doe or Die Record/Mix EMI
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty Record/Mix  
Bell, Biv Devoe Poison Record/Mix n/a
Bette Midler 3 for One Record n/a
Butter 08 Butter Produce/Record/Mix GrandRoyal
Cassandra Wilson Blue Light Till Dawn Record n/a
Crash Test Dummies Puss and Boots Record/ Mix  
Dogz Of Zeus Dogz Of Zeus Produce/Record/Mix

Perimeter Records

Dogz Of Zeus Stone Gospel Produce/Record/Mix

Perimeter Records

Dogz Of Zeus Full Spectrum Produce/Record/Mix

Perimeter Records

Everlast Eat at Whitey's Add. Production/Mix Tommy Boy
Everlast Whitey Ford Sings the Blues Add. Production/Mix Tommy Boy
Everlast Songs of the Ungrateful Living Mix Martyr, Inc.
Everlast Whitey Ford's House of Pain Add. Production/Mix Martyr, Inc.
Firewater Psychopharmacology Record/Mix Jetset
Heavy D & the Boyz Blue Funk Record/Mix  
Hell House Big Fat Love Record/Mix Grand Royal
Hot Karl The Great Escape Produce/Record/Mix, Write BBE
Jessy Moss Street Knuckles Produce/Record/Mix Dreamworks
Jean-Louis Murat Mustango Mix  
Luscious Jackson Electric Honey Add. Production/Record/Mix


Luscious Jackson Magic Hour Add. Production/Record/Mix

City Song

Nas Illmatic Record/Mix  
Pete Rock & CL Smooth All Souled Out Record/Mix


Pete Rock & CL Smooth Mecca & The Soul Brother Record/Mix


Pete Rock & CL Smooth The Main Ingredient Record/Mix


Pete Rock Soul Survivor 1 & SS 2 Record/Mix


Pete Rock Petestrumentals 1, 2, 3, 4, Record/Mix

Mello Music/BBE/TruSoul

Pete Rock Return of the SP1200 1, 2 Record/Mix


Public Enemy Fear Of A Black Planet Record/Mix  
Roy Ayers Virgin Ubiquity, Vol 2 Add. Production/Record/Mix


Skeleton Key Obtanium Add. Production/Record/Mix


Willie Nile Streets of New York Add. Production/Record/Mix




Adina Howard Freak Like Me Add. Production/Record/Mix


Nas The World Is Yours Add. Production/Record/Mix Triple Platinum
Everlast What It's Like, Endz Add. Production/Record/Mix

Triple Platinum


Shut Em Down

Add. Production/Record/Mix


Run Dmc Down With The King Add. Production/Record/Mix


Pete Rock & CL Smooth They Reminisce Over You Add. Production/Record/Mix


Patra Worker Man Add. Production/Record/Mix


Robin S Show Me Love Add. Production/Record/Mix